A Killer 60-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do In A Gym

If you belong to a gym with basic equipment and are willing to push yourself, give this heart pumping HIIT workout a try. It’s developed for people looking to burn a large amount of calories to burn fat and strength muscles. This workout incorporates cardio machines like the treadmill and rower alongside with dumbbells and body weight exercises. These exerciser are done quickly to keep your heart rate elevated and keep you gasping for air.

If melting fat and building lean muscle is your goal, keep in mind that in order for this work out to take full effect you most give maximum effort. You will be short of breath, tired and weak but this is the zone you must find and live in. If your working out by your self it’s easy to find your self checking email, text message and searching for music.  As Nick Saban would say  discipline is doing the right thing, at the right time the way it’s supposed to be done.  Ss stay focused on that and get the most out of the time your investing in your body.

If you’re new to working out or are far behind the ball, just find a way to finish the exercise and give it your best effort. It may take 2-3 months before you see any results but they will come if you keep coming back.

Section One is a super set of deadlifts and box jumps. If you can’t find a box or don’t have one, do burpees instead. No rest in between deadlifts and box jumps. 30 second rest in between sets.

1. Deadlift – 6 Reps 5 Sets

2. Box Jump or Burpees – 8 Reps 5 Sets

3. Rowing Machine – 10 Minutes 3- 30 second sprints

Section Two: Move quickly to the row machine. Once your buckled in give yourself a minute break before you start rowing. Find a good pace and rhythm and keep your heart rate up. Every 3 minutes do a 30 second sprint. All out push as fast as you can go.

Section Three has 3 exercises performed one after another with no rest. Start with 7 reps for each exercise, once complete drop down to 6 reps, so on and so forth. Once you hit 1 go back up and stop at 7 reps. Give yourself a breather going down and back up a 5 reps.

7-1-7 Rep Scheme Lighter weight

4. Lunge Rear Foot Evaluated

5. Curls

6. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

7. Treadmill – 10 Minutes 3- 30 second Sprints

Start the treadmill at 5.5 mph and a 2 degree incline at bare minimum.  Get 3 – 30 second sprints on your run. Once finished take a minute walk in for rest.

Section Four has 4 exercises performed one after another with again no rest.  Breath and power through this part of the workout, it’s almost over. 5 Sets of 6 Reps

8. Pushups – 6 Reps 5 Sets

9. Squats – 6 Reps 5 Sets
10. Squat row – 6 Reps 5 Sets
11. Russian Twist – 6 Reps 5 Sets

A Killer 60-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do In A Gym
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A Killer 60-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do In A Gym
1. Deadlift 2. Box Jump or Burpees 3. Rowing Machine 4. Lunge Rear Foot Evaluated 5. Curls 6. Shoulder DB Press 7. Treadmill 8. Pushups 9. Squats 10. Squat Row 11. Russian Twist
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