Speed Circuit – Training Drills To Run Faster

Circle Shuffle (5): Sprint 5 yds Finish

Side to Side Jump (5): Sprint 5 yds Finish

Wide to Narrow feet Position Jump (5): Sprint 5 yds Finish

3 sets

rest enough to go full speed on each one

Basic Speed Workout 1A

Static Stretch

  • Roll on your back and tuck your knees
  • Butterflies
  • Ankle to Chest Sitting
  • Touch your toes sitting, chest up

Hip and Calf Warm Up (click)

Dynamic Stretch Warm Up

  • High knees Double Bounce 15yd X 4
  • Side Ways, Leading Leg Over Hurdle, Double Bounce 15yd X 2
  • Inch warms 15yd X 2 ( down and back)
  • Lunges 15yd X 2
  • Hip Swings 15yd X 2
  • 200meter Bare foot walk


100m X 8 0:30- 1 minute rest

First 20-meter speed up and last 20-meters slow down. Hit 75-95% Top speed build up to full speed over the coming weeks. Listen to your body.


  • Push ups 20 (push up to elbows back to hands push up
  • Leg lifts 15 ( low
  • Alternating Slow Running Pedal
  • Sit up 30
  • Elbow to knee both sides 30
  • Plank All 3 sides 45 seconds
  • Laying on your side elbow to knee 15
  • Pike Pulses 20, 20

Hip and Ankle Loosen Up

Calf Raise Both Feet

60 1 set (focus)

Kneeling Hip Flexor

10 Deep Breathes each side-3 sets (hips straight ahead)

Spider Man Torso Rotation

6 reps each side ( Go all the way back turn the hand)

Alternating Side Squat Stretch

10 each side slide back and forth (Do not put hands on knees)

Regularity > Intensity

Coach Sommer

Pavel Tsatsouline